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What should you do if your child suffers a possible concussion?

Learn the basics of a concussion - from the signs and symptoms, to what to do if a concussion occurs.


It's your brain! Learn what you need to do to take care of it.


What to do if your child has hit his or her head.


Quick training for those involved in youth sports.

Learn the signs, symptoms and how concussion impacts schoolwork.


If you or someone else had a fall or jolt to the body in which the head moved back and forth, even if it did not actually strike anything, (e.g. in a minor car accident), or if there was a bump to the head, it is important to know that a concussion may have happened. If there is any potential that a concussion has occurred, it is important to stop the activity and get assessed. A person who has a concussion is not always able to make rational decisions about their own

care or condition, even if the person appears to be ok.                                                                                                                                         Health Disclaimer*​

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